Flying Art is an opportunity for youth to share their artwork and to compare their lifestyles with their peers in other countries. An international exchange of art among youth. Enhancing Education and Encouraging Dialogue

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USA (Illinois) - Togo - France

November 2002 - April 2003

Flying Art's first exchange included students from Leal Elementary in Urbana, Illinois; students working with a Peace Corps volunteer in Kpessi, Togo; and an American friend teaching English to students in Gap, France. The cost of the entire exchange was $134.00.

Illinois, USA
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Artwork created by Samantha, Age 8 & Abel, Age 8.

Second Grade Students in Bridget Maloney's class at Leal Elementary in Urbana, Illinois created drawings surrounding theme "If I could fly I would..." The theme connected to their study of the native birds of Illinois.

Kpessi, Togo
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“I found [FLYING ART] gave the students an opportunity to learn about the lives of other students,but more so created a sense of pride in the students about their own lives and way of living. They were excited to view the drawings and possibly even more excited to draw and tell about their own lives.”
-Sara Bushman, Kpessi, TOGO

Gap, France

After much anticipation, artwork was finally received in May 2003 from École Anselme Grasin Gap, France. Madame Menant’s CM2 Class (Fifth Grade) used colored pencils and markers to draw landscapes and scenes of daily life in Gap. After seeing the drawings from Togo, many of the kids felt inclined to show how their lives differed, hence cars and tractors, even though Gap is not predominately agricultural. There are lots of businesses and shops, as well as tourist attractions like skiing and hiking.

École Anselme Grasis in a valley surrounded by the Southern Alps in Gap, France. Gap is at the end of Provence and the beginning of the Alps, about two hours south of Grenoble. You can see the snow covered mountains from town and there are lots of opportunities for hiking, skiing, etc. There are supposedly 300 days of sunshine a year. Gap benefits from its great location. Spring has just arrived. The Mediterranean and mountain climate has lots of sun and little fog. The population of Gap is 38,612.

Artists’ Favorites

Activities: Soccer, horseback riding, swimming, skiing & drawing

Foods: Hamburgers, fries, chocolate, pizza, fish & watermelon

Holidays: Saturdays, summer, Christmas, Easter & Wednesdays (no school)

Animals: Dog, cat, dolphin & horse