Flying Art is an opportunity for youth to share their artwork and to compare their lifestyles with their peers in other countries. An international exchange of art among youth. Enhancing Education and Encouraging Dialogue

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USA (Connecticut) - USA (Virginia) - Georgia

May 2004 - November 2005

This flight brought together a colorful batik quilt created by Girl Scout troop #179 from North Canaan, Connecticut, a “Magic Puzzle” drawn by students at the Global Youth Village in Bedford, Virginia and sewn crafts from the GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) program in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Douglas Library in Connecticut displayed the artwork from Flight 303, which was highlighted in the local newspaper, The Lakeville Journal, noting "Flying Art is opening doors to awareness that may not have been anticipated."

Connecticut, USA
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Flying Art began as an experiment to illustrate how “snail mail” could connect remote areas of the world to bridge cultures that otherwise have minimal interaction. This aim was definitely tested in Flight 303. In Spring 2004, the Girl Scouts sent their quilt, as well as a care package including two soccer balls and – what else – Girl Scout cookies. It was months before they heard any kind of response. Communication was unbearably slow for these young artists, accustomed to cell phones and the Internet. In the end, the girls learned to be patient. They also learned that when sending parcels to Georgia, its best to write the address in red ink. Who knew?

Virginia, USA
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While waiting for a response from GLOW, a coincidental link arose with the Global Youth Village in Bedford, Virginia, an international summer camp for youth. Campers from Korea and Taiwan created a “Magic Puzzle” drawing with their names written in their native language atop each piece. Flying Art hopes to continue developing exhcanges with Global Youth Village in the future.

Tbilisi, Georgia
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Included was a hand sewn pillow of the new Georgian flag, which had traditionally been the flag of the church and one of the political parties. Also created by the girls of GLOW were sewn doll-size dresses showing the costumes customarily worn in a wedding ceremony or when dancing the traditional Atcharuli dance.

"I like Flying Art very much. It's new for me as I know about mail only in films."
~Keti Chaduneli, Georgia