Flying Art is an opportunity for youth to share their artwork and to compare their lifestyles with their peers in other countries. An international exchange of art among youth. Enhancing Education and Encouraging Dialogue

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United States - Cambodia

April 2008 - Present

Second grade students at the North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka, Illinois and youth benefiting from the PEPYís incredible volunteer programs in Cambodia are contributing to this experimental exchange.

In May 2008, the second graders in Illinois, led by David Kubacki, their teacher (and Flying Artís good friend) sent a box of their artwork to Cambodia. At that time, the young artists had no idea of exactly where their creations were going. There is no postal service within Cambodia, and so it is not possible to send the artwork directly to the school of our Flying Art participants. The PEPY office is located in Phnom Penh and the travel time to the school is approximately 9 hours by bus and car!

Luckily, children in Cambodia did get a chance to see what had traveled all the way from Illinois. By August 2008, they had even created artwork of their own, thanks to the help of a volunteer tourism group from New Zealand that PEPY had arranged. Unfortunately, a flood destroyed much of the artwork that the students had created! Those pieces that survived are to be shipped to Kubackiís class, so that the second graders can look at and discuss the artwork from Cambodia. They will write letters in response.

The flood experienced by the school in Cambodia is a reminder of why Flying Art is worth doing. This artwork carries with it stories of what life is like for our young artists, and what happens to them matters to us.

Have a safe Flight 606!